A chair named Cherry

Cherry is a body-bilt chair. I met her in a conference room in Microsoft Redmond Building 43, during my sabbatical at Cosmos DB. It was love at first sit. You see my office chair was crappy and uncomfortable. But sitting on Cherry was like sitting on clouds. It had great padding and perfect support. It is as if it has been molded for my body.

On an impulse, I liberated Cherry and moved her to my office in Building 44. I had a blissful time working with Cherry on my desk.

A couple days later, during my stroll through the buildings, I realized I was the target of a manhunt. They had posters of Cherry on every window. 

It was too dangerous for me to be out there. Look I didn't know. I didn't think removing the chair would create this much trouble. Who was this person anyway? What kind of person would give a chair a name? Well, I knew I didn’t want to mess with that kind of a person.

I still miss Cherry. My current chair is an Aeron Miller, but nowhere as comforting and supportive as Cherry. RIP Cherry 10/16/2018!


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