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Amazon MemoryDB: A Fast and Durable Memory-First Cloud Database

Key-value stores have simple semantics which make it cumbersome to perform complex operations involving multiple keys. Redis addresses this by providing low latency access to complex data structures like lists, sets, and hashes . Unfortunately, Redis lacks strong consistency guarantees and durability in the face of node failures, which limits its applicability beyond caching use cases. Amazon MemoryDB is a fully managed in-memory database service that leverages Redis's performance strengths while overcoming its durability limitations. It uses Redis as the in-memory data processing engine but offloads persistence to an AWS-internal transaction log service (internally known as the journal). This decoupled architecture provides in-memory performance with microsecond reads and single-digit millisecond writes, while ensuring across availability zone (AZ) durability, 99.99% availability, and strong consistency in the face of failures. This Sigmod 2024 paper describes MemoryDB's arch

Recent reads (Mar-Apr 2024)

I am late for my book reporting. These are the books I read mostly in March.  Going infinite (Michael Lewis, 2024) I had the highest of praise for Michael Lewis several times , and called him one of my favorite authors. I feel sorry to write a bad review for one of my favorite authors. Lewis faced significant backlash from people who questioned his impartiality in portraying Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), raising concerns about the fairness of his depiction. My complaint is not that. I came to this book for captivating story-telling, which, unfortunately, falls short. This book pales in comparison to Lewis's past works. We are talking about the guy who made me read thick books about finance and stock trading worlds which I had zero interest in as if they were fast-paced thriller novels. So I was really looking forward to reading this book to get that reader's high, but I was disappointed. I am familiar with the blockchain and cryptocurrency world through my research and my internal

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