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Building Distributed Systems With Stateright

Stateright is a model checker for distributed systems. It is provided as a Rust library, and it allows you to verify systems implemented in Rust. It is openly available on GitHub and the developer, Jon Nadal, is looking for contributors and new users.   On Tuesday Jon gave a presentation to us on Zoom. He made his presentation slides available here. We have also recorded Jon's presentation and the Q&A and demo sessions in entirety.    The highlights of Stateright are: great visualization support, time travel debugger: which helps you go back/forth and choose to explore another branch from a given point of the current execution (in the Figure below, the Next Steps heading provide possible next steps to choose from), an actor-based model, an embedded linearizability tester, and extensive docs and Rust book for introducing the concepts. The model trait has state, init_states, actions, next_state, and properties. Similarly there is an actor trait you can implement, and model che

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