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Humans of Computer Systems: Frenchie

Programming How did you learn to program? I was lucky that our 5th grade (age 9-10) teacher knew how to use the computers in the school. I learned a little bit of BASIC on a Thomson MO-5. Then I had other hobbies until high school, at which point I joined a semi-formal programming class hosted by a math teacher. That's where I really cut my teeth with Pascal and x86 assembly. Later I got a degree in software engineering. Tell us about the most interesting/significant piece of code you wrote. I would mention two.  One is a critical component in a distributed system: several thousand lines of code, highly concurrent, performance sensitive, high risk (data corruption), lots of tests, months to get it right, years of refinements (optimizations, new use cases). Very valuable. It is far from perfect in several ways, but it worked very well in production for many years across many customers. An invisible part of a complex system. The other is a short script (a couple hundred lines), a mix

Humans of Computer Systems: Goku

Programming How did you learn to program? In college Tell us about the most interesting/significant piece of code you wrote. contributed to zfs, oracle file systems (writeback, journal, snapshot compaction) Who did you learn most from about computer systems? books, internet, architects Who is the greatest programmer you met, and what is impressive about them? Brian bendelorf (ZFS on Linux) maintainer, Matt Ahrens What is the best code you have seen? zfs, tintri file systems, yugabytedb, linux kernel What do you believe are the most important skills to be successful in your field? understanding the fundamentals, not giving up, digging deep What quality or ability do you value most in a computer systems person? Ability to debug code which others have written, mainly to the point that the RCA (root cause analysis) is correct and not superficial Ability to write clean decent design code at speed Simplicity in the complete process of systems software development Adding meaningful debugging

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