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My notes from SOSP13 welcome and awards

The ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP) is arguably the top conference in the computer systems area. The SOSP conference took a start with a welcome talk from the General Chair, Michael Kaminsky (Intel Labs), and PC Chair, Mike Dahlin (Google and UT Austin). The chairs started by thanking to the many sponsors (platinum, gold, silver, bronze level) for the conference. This year SOSP had 628 registrations, which made it the biggest SOSP as of yet, with a 16% increase over 2011 SOSP (which was yet biggest till then). Attendance distribution to SOSP is 76% from North America, 15% Europe, and 11% Asia. Among those attending 42% is faculty, 42% students, and 15% industry. There were 7 workshops on the weekend preceding the SOSP ( LADIS was one of them), and 40% of attendants also attended workshops. This year, for the first time, SOSP had full open access conference proceedings (the cost, $1100 per paper has been paid by SIGOPS), and this announcement got a huge appl

LADIS 2013 keynotes

I attended and presented a paper at LADIS 2013 , which was colocated with SOSP13 . I will talk about my paper in a later post. Here I just want to share brief summaries of the LADIS keynotes. 1. LADIS keynote: Cloud-scale Operational Excellence, by Peter Vosshall, distinguished engineer What is operational excellence? It is anticipating and addressing problems. For us, operational excellence arises from a combination of culture + tools + processes. 1.1 Culture Amazon leadership principles are: Customer obsession Ownership (Amazon has a strong ownership culture, known as devops!) Insisting on the highest standards 1.2 Tools Amazon has tools for software deployment, monitoring, visualization, ticketing, risk auditing. In 1995, Amazon had a single web-server operation, and had a website-push perl script. This was managed by a small centralized team, named Houston. The team invested in a tool called Apollo for automating deployments. As a result, it was easy

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