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Unanimous 2PC: Fault-tolerant Distributed Transactions Can be Fast and Simple

This paper (PAPOC'24) is a cute paper. It isn't practical or very novel, but I  think it is a good thought-provoking paper. It did bring together the work/ideas around transaction commit for me. It also has TLA+ specs in the appendix, which could be helpful to you in your modeling adventures.  I don't like the paper's introduction and motivation sections, so I will explain these my way. The problem with 2PC 2PC is a commit protocol. A coordinator (transaction manager, TM) consistently decides based on participants (resource managers, RMs) feedback to commit or abort. If one RM sees/applies a commit, all RMs should eventually apply commit. If one RM sees/applies an abort, all RMs should eventually apply abort. Below  figure shows 2PC in action. (If you are looking for a deeper dive to 2PC, read this .) There are three different transactions going on here. All transactions access two RMs X and Y. T1, the blue transaction is coordinated by C1, and this ends up committing.

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