Misc dist-links edition June 17th

Making Databases Work: the Pragmatic Wisdom of Michael Stonebraker, December 2018. This is available as a free download at https://dl.acm.org/doi/book/10.1145/3226595. In addition to databases, the book talks about Stonebraker's approach to advising and finding research problems.

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Podcast suggestion: Weird name aside, this is a nice podcast. This one was particularly a very good listen. I put the Stephen Cope's book on my reading queue. As for true calling, I have this weird fixation with distributed systems. The first time I took an undergraduate class that introduced distributed systems and algorithms I knew this is what I wanted to do. Also the first time I walked in to the distributed systems class at The Ohio State University, I knew this is what I should be getting my PhD on. Well, at least, I have this going for me. 

Pet peeve: I see a very technical post or YouTube video on an elegant Paxos variant, be it of Fast Paxos family, Flexible Paxos family, multi-leader Paxos family, or opportunistic/any-leader Paxos family, and then the first comment under the post or video is: "How does this compare with Raft?". Another version of this is for any technical distributed systems service: "Wasn't this done in 1980s?"

Here are the papers we will read in our Zoom Dist Sys Reading Group in the coming weeks: We just covered paper 12 this week. We meet Wednesday's at 15:30 EST. You can participate in our Zoom Dist Sys Reading Group by joining our slack workspace


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