Saturday, March 31, 2018

Book review: Last lecture by Randy Pausch

Of course you have watched the late Prof. Randy Pausch's last lecture. If for some reason you haven't, please right that wrong now.

I recently read the book "Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. I got the book from my local library, yes, a physical library building. They still exist, and they are a great resource.

It is a short book, and I have a very brief review.

The book does not repeat the "last lecture" presentation. It tells mostly disjoint and complementary story, and it gets into more personal stuff. I learned several more interesting anectodes about Randy in this book.

It is of course a very heartbreaking story. The book is a "memento mori".

It makes you think about "What would you want to be known for?" and "How would you prioritize your life if you had 5 years left?"

I am still thinking about those long after I returned the book to the library.

I am currently reading about "Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government Saving Privacy" by Steven Levy and "Tribe of Mentors" by Tim Ferriss. Both courtesy of my local library, and both very interesting. I will write short summaries about them once I am done.

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