On Sabbatical

This semester I am on sabbatical at Bilkent University, Computer Science Department. As a native of Turkey, I am enjoying my time here a lot. Here is a view from the tea-machine in the department's kitchen. I can get tasty Turkish tea anytime I like, what more can I want?

I will be teaching a graduate-level course on cloud computing. Here is the link to the course contents: http://www.cs.bilkent.edu.tr/~demirbas/CS683.html I tried to cover the most important bases, but I would welcome your comments about what else I can add or remove.


Anonymous said…
papers seem to cover the most important topics in the field. But I think some papers on energy efficiency may also be interesting as you know there is an increasing interest on this topic in the cloud community.
Murat said…
Thanks, I will point to a representative work on energy-efficiency as well. FAWN could be an example I guess. Virtual machine migration type works are also good examples.

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