My Distributed Systems Seminar's reading list for Spring 2016

Below is the list of papers I plan to discuss in my distributed systems seminar in Spring'16 semester. These are all very exciting papers, and I am looking forward to the Spring semester.

If you have some suggestions on other good/recent papers to cover, please let me know in the comments.

Distributed coordination

  1. No compromises: distributed transactions with consistency, availability, and performance, SOSP 15
  2. Implementing Linearizability at Large Scale and Low Latency, SOSP 15
  3. High-Performance ACID via Modular Concurrency Control, SOSP 15
  4. Existential Consistency: Measuring and Understanding Consistency at Facebook, SOSP 15
  5. Holistic Configuration Management at Facebook, SOSP 15
  6. Building Consistent Transactions with Inconsistent Replication, SOSP 15
  7. Bolt-on Causal Consistency, Sigmod 13
  8. The Design and Implementation of the Wave Transactional Filesystem

Big data

  1. Arabesque: A System for Distributed Graph Mining, SOSP 15
  2. Petuum: A New Platform for Distributed Machine Learning on Big Data, KDD 15
  3. Graphlab: A new framework for parallel machine learning
  4. Twitter Heron: Stream Processing at Scale, Sigmod 15
  5. Chimera: Large-scale classification using machine learning, rules, and crowdsourcing, VLDB 14


  1. The Mystery Machine: End-to-end Performance Analysis of Large-scale Internet Services, OSDI 14
  2. Pivot Tracing: Dynamic Causal Monitoring for Distributed Systems, SOSP 15

Formal methods

  1. IronFleet: Proving Practical Distributed Systems Correct, SOSP 15


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