Friday, August 3, 2007

I am sorry officer, I've just realized...

It is at night, probably close to midnight. I am driving at a country road. It is a narrow, two lane road. It is pitch black, and I can hardly see the road. There are no cars anywhere around.

I see headlights approaching from the opposite lane. I see the flashing rotating beacons. It is the police. I stop. The police car stops right next to my car. Now the road is completely blocked.

Two cops step outside. The cop on the drivers side looks and acts very much like DeNiro. He shines the flashlight to my face, and asks me to put the keys on the dashboard, and my hands on the steering wheel where he can see it. He and his partner move around my car checking the inside from the windows his partner makes me open the trunk.

The DeNiro cop finishes his complete cycle around the car, and approaching my window again staring at me. This cannot be any good news. I think I am going to get a big fine. All I needed now was a $200 fine. But, this can be even worse why are they searching the car. I don't like the looks of this DeNiro guy.

I suddenly feel very relieved. The DeNiro guy is now in my window. Before he opens his mouth, I silence him. ``I am sorry officer, but I've just realized that I am just having a bad dream.'' The DeNiro cop looks dazed. I wake up. Wow, this was a pretty realistic dream. I very much enjoy waking up from such realistic looking dreams. I feel very happy to have made a close escape to what seemed like my reality. And in this one, I even made an exit with a style, don't you think?

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